Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Well I missed last week.  It was pretty hectic.  Work is a bit more stressful with our transition from paper charts to EMR and home has been a little different since my husband has started working again.  We're definately seeing each other less than when he was a house husband.

OK so-
What am I thankful for ?  - I am thankful for hardworking people;  people who do their job because they take pride in their work.  Nowadays there seem to be so many people who go out of their way to NOT to work.  They work more at not working than they do at working. If they worked as hard at their job than trying to find ways out of it, they'd be the CEO.   It's so frustrating.  Do your job.  Get your sh!t done and get over yourself.  I guess they don't realize that their slack is being picked up by the hardworking people around them.
     So cheers to you hardworkers-  whether you're a Mom who takes care of your kids and doesn't expect others to, or a medical assistant who rooms patients without asking, or even the cashier at Target who doesn't "dilly dally" and actually checks people out.  Cheers.  Keep up the good work.  Thank you for your hard work!