Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have 35 days left until my due date.  wow.  35 days.  The end is so close but yet still so far away.
I have a Drs. appointment this afternoon. It's at 2 and I have to be back to work by 4 so hopefully the doctor is running on time.
The baby shower this past Sunday was wonderful.  We had a lot of people come and show us support.  It was tons of fun and all the guys were such good sports!  They drank beer from baby bottles and spit pacifiers across the yard. Chase won that game- not surprising though :)
The downside to so many people coming is that I feel like I didn't really get to talk to anyone! The day was kind of a blur so I can't wait to see the pictures Kati took.  They will be posted on a flicker site- I'll post that link later.
Sprout got a lot of necessities and a some adorable blankets and clothes.   I've already gotten all the clothes and blankets washed and put away.  I have all the other items put in place and set up and everything seems ready for Sprout's arrival.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

6 more weeks!

Baby Sprout should be here soon!  We've got an estimated 6 weeks left until the big day.  I'm starting to get a little impatient- seems like the next 6 weeks will be the longest 6 weeks ever.  Work is slowing down a little bit which is expected in the summer time.  We see less coughs/colds but  more routine physicals, sports physicals, and well child checks come in.
We're basically done in the nursery.  I have ONE more sewing project left I want to do and I can't seem to focus on it long enough to get it done.  I never got the crown molding I wanted but oh well.  We also need to touch up paint but I will leave the standing on the ladder to Chase.
Our baby shower is this weekend and I'm really looking forward to getting to see friends and family all together.  I love a good party!  Hopefully everyone has a lot of fun.
Sprout is moving a lot- less kicks and a lot more big movements.  My stomach gets lopsided a lot since Sprout seems to enjoy the right side a lot more than the left.  I'll get a body part sticking up and out throughout the day as well.   It's kind of fun to feel and guess if its an arm, leg, shoulder, etc.

Here's what Sprout is up to:  Your baby now weighs more than 2.2kg (4.8 lbs) and is 45cm from top to toe. She's filling out and getting rounder – she’ll need her fat layers later to regulate her body temperature once she's born. 

If you don't already talk to your baby, this is a good time to start – at 35 weeks her hearing is fully developed. Don't feel ridiculous if you're already chatting in baby talk. Some evidence shows that newborns pay closer attention to high-pitched tones. 

If you've been nervous about going into premature labour, you'll be happy to know that 99 per cent of babies born at week 35 can survive outside the uterus (womb) – and most have no major problems. Although your baby's central nervous system is still maturing, her lungs are nearly fully developed by now. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sorry I've been MIA for the past 2 weeks.  My Dr. appointments have been on Wednesdays later in the afternoon than usual so I've missed lunch blogging.  We've also had a busy few weeks.
We had an ultrasound on the 6th.  Sprout was estimated to weigh 4lbs 6 ounces.  We did not find out the sex- nor do we want to still. We were able to get a few pictures but Sprout kept her hand in front of her face the entire time so no really good ones.  The sonography tech did switch the "wands" and we got to get a 3D look at Sprout.  Here's Sprout saying "No photos"- hand in front of the face like usual.  (For the record- I think 3D ultrasounds are creepy)
It's a picture of a picture so not excellent quality.
I've gotten a few things done in the nursery.  I made a "boppy" pillow cover.  Chase and I finished the bird mobile and we're making some Pinwheels for the crib mobile.  I also finally got my rug in I ordered ages ago.

boppy cover

Yay my rug!

We celebrated Chase's birthday. He requested a Key Lime Tart as his b-day "cake" so I made him one of those. I also surprised him by inviting a few friends to dinner. I told the waiter it was his birthday so they made him wear a napkin on his head and they sang him a song in Spanish. No one had any clue as to what they were saying but we all got a good laugh at Chase.

 And I think that's about it for now.