Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's cold outside, I have to scrape ice off my car windows every morning, and I am getting at least one package on my doorstep when I get home for work- that must mean one thing- it's nearly Christmas!  Christmas means being extra nice to one another, reflecting on the past year, and remembering the birth of baby Jesus. Oh- and shopping.
 I HATE shopping at the mall and other stores during the holidays.  People are typically not showing their holiday cheer.  Instead, they're cutting in line at the checkout, cutting you off in the parking lot, and knocking you down for that last sale item they may see.  This is not my idea of fun!
Sitting at home and shopping online is the way to go.  I'll spend a few extra bucks to keep my sanity, thank you.  Battling crowds and traffic makes me have heart burn. But, I also have to admit, that those packages on the door step make me happy.  I know they're not for me but they're still things I get to open! has free shipping on basically any purchase over 25 bucks.  Who wouldn't go for that?  They tend to get your stuff there before the estimated date too.  It's also keeping the postal service busy!  Everyone wins!  Wal-mart has free site to store shipping- that's simple as well. 
So for me- I don't leave my house.  Forget those black Friday sales.  They're not worth  it.  Instead, I sit in my study with a cup of hot tea and point and click and voila! my Christmas shopping is done! 
My gifts for people are already wrapped under the tree.  I've been done with shopping for over a week now.   Gotta love the interwebs.

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