Tuesday, January 3, 2012

9 1/2 weeks

Well- I'm pregnant! After 7 months of "trying"  (not sure why it's called trying) we got a + pregnancy test around Thanksgiving.  Due date is August 1st.  yippee!

And right now I am about  9.5 weeks. 
Sexy movie- not so sexy me.  ( I first saw the movie in high school- I asked my boyfriend at the time to pick up "9 months"- he got "9 1/2 weeks".  Veeeeery different movies!)

I'm lucky in the sense that I am having no problems with morning sickness, none at all.  However, I must say I am gassier than a frat boy chugging Natural Light and eating bean burritos.  I can now burp louder than my husband and I pass gas more times a day than I ever imagined I could.  With all this gassiness comes bloating too.  I am having to use a hair tie around my pants buttons to give me that one extra inch because my pants won't close.  Lovely.  I'm looking forward to being able to blame the tight pants on the actual baby bump and not just bloating. 

And I am tired.  I mean I am extremely fatigued.  Apparently creating an organ (the placenta) really takes it out of you.  This really adds to my sexiness because I'm cranky and I'd rather take a nap on the couch than move/talk/ or even eat.  I read that the second trimester you get some of your energy back.  I'm counting down the days.

Last but not least- I'm breaking out worse than a greasy teenager.  Real sexy.  Just the other I was staring at my lovely complexion in the mirror and hypothetically asked my husband "What is this!!?" (referring to my numerous zits on my chin) He answers "An archipelago?"  Nice.  Thanks.

Yes- I am complaining today but that's probably because I'm back at work and bitchy tired.  I'm overall thrilled to be knocked up and I'm more than excited to meet our little sprout!  (although we couldn't have picked a hotter time of year in Texas for a due date!)

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