Friday, April 20, 2012

25 weeks- I forgot-

I forgot to mention on the last post that we get a new 'fruit' this week.  No more papaya.  Sprout is now the size of an eggplant.
Here's Sprout's update from  Head to heels, your baby now measures about 13 1/2 inches. Her weight — a pound and a half — but she's beginning to exchange her long, lean look for some baby fat. As she does, her wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and she'll start to look more and more like a newborn. She's also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture.

I can lay on my back and watch my belly move.  Last night I could tell that Sprout was laying on my right because it was lumped up more than the left.  It's getting more and more real!  :)

I'm in the process of making my mobile and I'll be taking that with my to Houston this weekend.  I'll get some more colorful from Hobby Lobby or Wal-Mart there.  Hopefully it doesn't turn out looking like poo.   Chase and I went and picked out the sticks on a long woodsy walk-but since we took the dog with us- poor Kaiser is having HORRIBLE skin allergies.  His eyes are swollen and flaky.  His chest is peeling.  He also has a mesquite thorn stuck in his foot.  Poor pup.  He loves the outdoors but the outdoors hates him.  We can't take him to Houston with us so he'll be spending the weekend at the vet.  Hopefully they "fix" him.  We have him on prednisone but it's just not working this time.

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