Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have 35 days left until my due date.  wow.  35 days.  The end is so close but yet still so far away.
I have a Drs. appointment this afternoon. It's at 2 and I have to be back to work by 4 so hopefully the doctor is running on time.
The baby shower this past Sunday was wonderful.  We had a lot of people come and show us support.  It was tons of fun and all the guys were such good sports!  They drank beer from baby bottles and spit pacifiers across the yard. Chase won that game- not surprising though :)
The downside to so many people coming is that I feel like I didn't really get to talk to anyone! The day was kind of a blur so I can't wait to see the pictures Kati took.  They will be posted on a flicker site- I'll post that link later.
Sprout got a lot of necessities and a some adorable blankets and clothes.   I've already gotten all the clothes and blankets washed and put away.  I have all the other items put in place and set up and everything seems ready for Sprout's arrival.

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