Monday, July 9, 2012

36 weeks 5 days

I'm over 36 weeks and on my way to 37 weeks which is considered a full term pregnancy.  At 37 weeks and after if you start contractions/labor Doctors will not do anything to stop you from delivering.  Prior to that you may receive meds to stop contractions.  It's a big milestone!  Sprout is moving around although I can tell there is less and less room "in there" because the movement are much more like (s)he's trying to break out or stretch.
A few days ago I would have said I've had no contractions at all, but I kinda over did it this weekend (what?  I needed to paint crown molding and shelves for Sprout's room!  That's important! ) and since yesterday I've been having lots of braxton- hicks.  I probably should have painted NOT in the sun.  And I probably should have taken more water breaks but I figure the contractions will lessen as I re-hydrate and stay cool.  Nothing to worry about!
I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday morning.  We're having the last U/S that we will have this pregnancy.  Basically the point of this U/S is to make sure Sprout is head down and to get an idea as to how big Sprout is.  U/S weight estimations are notoriously inaccurate and may be off as much as a pound or two. I also will have an internal exam (oh joy) to see if I am dilated or effaced- though some women will walk around dilated 4 cm for weeks and weeks and really it means nothing.
I guess that's it for now.  I will post some pictures Wednesday? sometime.

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