Monday, January 28, 2013

baby Liam is 6 months old!

Liam turned 6 months old on Saturday!  I can't believe how fast time has gone by.  He spent most of Saturday relaxing and Sunday we had a busy day at the Fort Worth Stock Yards.

Jessica, of  Jessica Cernat Photography, spent Sunday afternoon with us taking some 6 month photos of Liam (and Chase & I too!) in the stock yards.  Chase and I had never been there before and it was certainly an experience.  We had a lot of fun and Liam did a great job even though he was feeling a little under the weather.  You can't tell by the photos!  Jessica got him to smile and laugh and captured it all on camera!

Here is a link to our sneak peek of photos-  Liam is 6 months old.
Here's a few stolen off facebook  :)

Today Liam had his 6 month well baby check.  He was 50% for weight, 75% for height, and a whopping 100+% for head size!!!!  I knew he had a big head but goodness!  We have to go back for a nurse visit in 6 weeks to measure his head to see how it's doing.  If it's getting BIGGER we have to have an ultrasound and/or a skull series and CT scan to make sure there is nothing going on other than he just has a big head.  The pedi said she really wasn't worried so let's hope he just has a big head to house his big genius brain!


  1. I'm sure he's just a smart boy! Great pics.

    1. Thanks Aria! I'm hoping in 6 weeks his head is stable- I'd really hate to expose him to radiation already. He doesn't look like he has hydrocephaly to me!

  2. What an adorable little boy! He looks so dashing in his tie!