Thursday, January 31, 2013

Magic Hands-

I thought I'd share a funny story with you- it's typical of the weird way things happen in my life.

I went to the nail salon for the first time in many months- I wanted (nay, NEEDED) a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed.  I didn't even know my eyebrows would grow so bushy!  Anyway-

I walked in the door and told them what I wanted.  In typical fashion I was taken to a back room to get my eyebrows done first.  I lay on the table and the lady waxed my brows- then came the question they always ask- "You want me wax your lip?"  I politely declined.  She was insistent- "You have a lot of hair- it's blond but there's a lot. See?" (she hands me a mirror)  I tell her yes I am aware I have some hair on my lip, but no thank you to the wax because I've done it before and it makes me cry.  It HURTS!!

----On a side note- I've gone in after actually shaving my "mustache" just to see what they say and they still tell me I have hair on my lip and I need it waxed.  So I'm not insulted, I figured they just try to "upsell" you everything.

Then she proceeds to tell me she has "magic hands" and she has a "trick" and I should "trust her" because the way she does it there will be no pain.  After a few minutes of arguing back and forth I give in.

She puts the wax strip on the right side, rubs it down, then BAM!!!! whacks me in the forehead then pulls the strip off.  IT.STILL.HURT. And my forehead now hurt. And  I had tears in my eyes.

She said "oops, sorry I hit you too hard.  Did you still want me to do the other side?"
I told her of course, I couldn't walk around with half a "mustache" but there was no need to whack me in the forehead again!

No more lip waxing for me!!!

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