Saturday, August 10, 2013

Little Updates

I didn't really think many people actually read this but I've had a few requests for updates so I guess some people actually do read this!  LOL

Ok- So we had a follow up for Liam's eye surgery.  Everything went well.  The doctor said it appears as though Liam is using both eyes equally and the eyes line up perfectly so no need for a surgical revision.  YAY!  We will follow up again in 3 months, then, if all is clear at that time, we will be discharged from the eye doctor's care.   We will just need routine eye exams to see if Liam will need glasses or whatnot.
Now, years down the road, the strabismus may resurface and we will need another surgery, but that may be never.  So here's to hoping.

Liam's MRI is on August 29th.  19 days away.  I'm actually starting to get a little nervous already.  I still pray every single night- I sing the prayers when I rock Liam before bed.  Two birds with one stone.

Liam turned one on the 26th~ we had a nice party and he did awesome.  He didn't cry.  He was happy and actually engaged with a lot of people.  He even helped open his presents!  I will post pictures of the party on here soon.  But here's his one year pictures.  He's getting so big!

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