Tuesday, September 13, 2011

But it's Tuesday-

Today has been an awful day at work- already.  It's just halfway over and I'm pooped.  I'd expect this from a Monday, but Tuesday?- Tuesday you back stabber you!  You're supposed to be a better day. It's gotta be the full moon.  I have noticed though that craziness seems more rampant on Tuesdays.
  I wonder why.                                  This is me today  ---->

Anyways- this morning, we've had over 10 walk in patients on top of our previously scheduled patients, and we're supposed to be incorporating a new EMR (electronic medical records) system?  HA!  And my husband wants to know what I'm tired when I get home. 
 Well for starters, I listen to people complain for a living- no one WANTS to come in to the doctor's office.  They're sick or they're not sick and we're "making them" come in.  I can't win.  It's fatiguing. I love my job but it wears on you.
At least at lunch I used to be able to "play" on the Internet.  I was able to browse some sites I was interested in and participate on "the boards" there.  I also checked my "facebook" to see what random crap people posted (there's nothing important on facebook- ever).  Now work has blocked them and blocked my lunch joy.  I get no "nice" recharger.

On a typical day I use up my "nice" during work hours and I'm a tired, likely bitchy, slug when I get home.  But today my niceness has been used up by noon.  Sorry folks.  And sorry dear husband-  you won't like me tonight.  Well, unless I get a glass of wine when I walk in the door.  That seems to be a good way to start to re-charge the nice.
Enough complaining- back to the grind stone.

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