Monday, September 12, 2011

I can be creative too

So my sister is sickeningly (is that a word?) creative.  And talented to boot.  She can pretty much do anything- sew, draw, paint, web design, pumpkin carving- whatever.  If you need proof- here's a link to her blog.  linky
It's hard "making" stuff around her.  My stuff is always uglier and basically all around crappier than her stuff. This is why she was left in charge of doing most of my wedding stuff-I just ruined it if I tried to do anything.  She really does need to go into business.  But enough about her.

I wanted to make something to spice up my back yard.  My husband and I don't spend much time back there not just because Texas has been a raging inferno for the past 6 months, but because, well it's boring.  So random google searches led me to this-  recycled-bottle-torch.  I loved it.  Some of the pieces were hard to find but wandering around Lowe's I did manage to find the needed parts- not in copper but a little spray paint can do wonders.  Here's one of mine in the daytime.  It's a cell phone picture so not the best quality.
I chose to use wine bottles with meaning.  This wine was from the Peju Winery in Napa Valley.  My husband and I went there for the first time in June.  We loved it.
I've already finished 2 more torches. I ended up spray painting the metal hangers copper which matches the fence pretty well.  I also used a clear coat to seal the labels so the labels won't get ruined.
To celebrate my craftiness we had a lovely dinner outside last night with our new romatic lighting.

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