Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Party

So I decided that I'm going to throw a halloween bash this year.  I'm super excited because I love halloween and I also love to entertain so I get the best of both worlds!  I've already started looking through websites like Better Homes and Gardens , Party City, and even just good old google images for ideas.
I know I'm definately getting my sister on board to help with some of my ideas.  She's so crafty I can't go wrong. 
I'm also planning on making some scary foods.  I'll be stealing ideas from here,  Lil' Luna and here Garden and Spice & Everything nice and maaaaybe here, Divine dinner party , but their ideas are pretty gross.

The tables will be decorated, pumpkins will be intracately carved, and the bar will be open for creepy service!  I found a special drink to tie in with my previous post-  infused vodka.    Candy corn vodka is just the thing to make the party unique!

I am heading to Party City and Hobby Lobby tonight to get started on the decorations.  I tend to go a little overboard but I think the better the planning, the better the night goes.

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  1. YAY! I love halloween and I love making haloween crafts!! Let's start on sunday!