Wednesday, July 11, 2012

37 weeks- "full term"

I had a doctor's appointment this morning.  Everything seems to be going as expected.  Chase was able to come so he got to see Sprout on the ultrasound.  Spout is estimated to be 6 lbs and 10 ounces already.  It's thought that the baby will gain about 3 ounces/ week from here on out- so doing the math we'll have a 7lb+ baby easily.  (Though I've noted before U/S estimations are not exactly accurate).  Sprout was measuring right on at 37 weeks everywhere- except the head- THAT measured at 39 weeks.  EEK!  Unfortunately,  Sprout has no modesty and flashed the doctor his or her goods so the doctor now knows Sprout's sex.  She did not tell us what sex so hopefully she doesn't slip up and accidentally let us know in the next few weeks.
I had a lovely internal exam today as well.  I am 1cm dilated but 0% effaced.  Really- that means nothing women can be dilated to a 4 and not know and not go into labor for weeks, but everyone got excited for me at work so I thought I'd share that here too!
Oh yes- and guess who's a watermelon?

On a totally different subject:
I don't know who all were able to get this link but here it is- these are the pictures from the baby shower.

I do have the disk with the photos on it so if there are any you want, just let me know and I can share them with you!

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