Saturday, July 21, 2012

38 weeks... contracting?

The bathroom is now the room I spend the most time in.  Our water bill this month is up $15 from last month and I fully take on that blame.   I was up last night 9 (yes NINE) times to pee.  Ugh.  Yes- I've been told this is preparing me for "Sprout's" arrival- but then I also have people telling me "sleep now because you won't be sleeping later".  Well guess what?  I'm not sleeping now and even if I could it's not like I can store if for later.  Sorry I'm cranky cause I'm sleep deprived!

Anyway- we had an interesting week this week.  I had a Doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  I was feeling fine.  I left work at 1:00pm for my 1:45 appointment.  I got to the doctors and was having a little lower abdominal cramping.  The nurse roomed me and asked if I was having any problems- I told her about the cramping but explained that I felt I probably had to "poop".  She talked with me about stool softners and even using a suppository if needed ( I told her- uhhh heck no.  I will not be doing that thank you very much!) Well - while waiting for the doctor to come see me I started having some increased pain- kind of like a cramp but sharp at the same time.  Then it would go away.  Then it would come back.  After this happened a few times I also noted that during the pain my belly would get tight.  I started having hot flashes and some nausea with these pains.  Then I noted that the pains were timeable- about 6 minutes apart.

I still thought I just needed to poop ( I know, I know)!  The doctor came in around 2:15 right when I was having another pain (she may have laughed a little at me when I told her I didn't know what was going on) - she told me I was having a contraction.  Lucky me to have started this during a doctors appointment!  She "checked" me and I was 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced (a little TMI I know!).  She also said I could have a work note to go home and see what happens- suggesting I put my feet up and drink water- but I declined and went back to work.  Driving with the contractions was a little tricky but I managed.  I also called Chase 5-6 times in a row and he did not answer!  I did finally get a hold of him about 20 minutes later when I was back at work.  I told him if the contractions continued he'd have to come get me.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) the contractions slowed down and eventually stopped after I went home and had some dinner.  I haven't had any more notable contractions so it looks like Sprout is still settled in and has no intentions of coming out any time soon.

I think the contractions started because I was a bit dehydrated.  I was tired of getting up so much at night so I stopped drinking my daily GALLON of water and was only drinking about 40-50 ounces.  I'm back to around a gallon and no more contractions but more bathroom trips.

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