Wednesday, July 25, 2012

One week left? yeah right

I went to the doctor this AM.  There was "no progress" which isn't surprising because I haven't had any further contractions; that is until I left the Drs office.  LOL.  I've had a few contractions this afternoon but nothing really to write home about.  (I think it's because she was "messing around in there".  )
The doctor did tell me that if I go past the due date (which is very possible) she will induce on August 7th.  That's good because at least there is a set end in sight, but bad because an induction means pitocin, which means more painful contractions and more frequent contractions than "natural contractions", which means I probably will end up needing an epidural- which is not what I had planned.  So fingers crossed, Sprout decides to come in to the world prior to August 7th.
I'm fat and uncomfortable and looking forward to the end when I can finally meet this tiny being who's been playing soccer with my internal organs.

And here- if you want a good laugh- it's the most round belly ever!  (maybe not ever but it's pretty close to a perfect circle!)

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