Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not the best day ever....

Memorial Day is this weekend and Chase and I got invited to go to "PK"-( that's Possum Kingdom Lake for those of you not in the know)  .  We'd spend time on a boat and relaxing at a pool.  Initially, I was all for it.  Heck yeah!  It sounded like fun!  (Although more than likely I would be the lone sober person at said event).Then- I went to Target for a bathing suit.  Now, for some reason I had it in my head that I would be all cute like Nicole Richie  -
cute pregnant lady in a bikini....
HOWEVER- reality is not exactly that nice.  I was NOT cute.  (I did not try on a bikini but a "tankini" I was somewhat realistic).  The results were somewhere between bad dream and nightmare.  I called my friend and let her know I would not be going to the lake- thankyouverymuchiwillSTAYathomeandcryinstead.  When I got home Chase asked me how my day was and I burst into tears and I think I managed to sob out "fat" and  "whale" and other lovely words while snot was dripping out of my nose and tears streaming down my face.  Poor guy didn't even know what to do.  I will instead be spending my Memorial Day in my sister's back yard away from anybody's eyes who may be "judgey".

And just as I was feeling a little foolish for crying about being "big" this morning my VERY FIRST patient looks at me and exclaims "Oh, My GOSH!  Are you "fixin" to pop today or what?"  They're very lucky I didn't "pop" them.  I just smiled nicely and said- "Not for 10 weeks".   That being said we're 75% done!  We have 70 days left (also known at 10 more weeks).   Here's what Sprout is up to:  (from Thirty weeks into your pregnancy, or 28 weeks after conception, your baby's eyes are wide open a good part of the time. Your baby might have a good head of hair by this week. Red blood cells are now forming in your baby's bone marrow.
By now your baby might be more than 10 1/2 inches (270 millimeters) long from crown to rump and weigh nearly 3 pounds (1,300 grams).
Here's what I've "turned into"-

I'm wearing a dress I had pre-pregnancy; no wonder people though I was pregnant in it- it works great as a maternity dress.  I really should reconsider purchasing things with an empire waist- unless I am pregnant.  It would save hurt feelings!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day!  Have a few margaritas for me!

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  1. Ok, first Nicole Richie's legs look fat in this picture & if Jessica Simpson can walk around in a bathing suit, weighting 200 ibs, having pictures taken of her non stop, then why shouldn't you go enjoy the weekend!!!! All everyone will think is- Jamie is pregnant. So who cares, you are! You are way too sensitive. Come sit in our baby pool, we will love to have you, you silly, crazy hormone girl.