Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Non-Stress Test" and 31 week Dr. Appt

Chase and I went to our routine checkup for 31 weeks.  I actually had questions to ask this time and felt a little like a bothersome patient but since I'm typically with the doctor for less than 5 minutes I figured one appointment with questions shouldn't be a big deal.
             My first question was about my heart rate- I'm finding that off and on I have runs of tachycardia (a heart rate over 100 beats per minute) that last for a few minutes then resolve.  The highest pulse I've seen has been about 142.  She told me it's likely nothing to worry about but to keep an eye on it.  If I start to get short of breath or dizzy then I'd have to see cardiology.  I figure I'm probably just a little dehydrated when the spells occur so I'll drink more water (though I do drink over 100 ounces a day!!!!)  Pregnancy itself can cause an increased heart rate so I really do think it's fine.
 My next question was about my "lazy fetus".  I get to see Sprout move in the evenings but rarely throughout the day.  Sprout doesn't even really perk up after meals like most people would expect.  The doctor looked at my last ultrasound and saw that the U/S tech noted that I had an anterior placenta- this basically means that due to the placement of the placenta in the uterus- I would not be able to feel Sprout as much- the placenta would absorb a lot of the smaller movements.  This is nothing to worry about and won't cause any issues.
the one on the right is an anterior placenta.  See how it's in front?
Knowing that was reassuring in and of itself but for further reassurance I was hooked up to a non-stress test.  Basically what this was was a doppler heart monitor that strapped around my belly and another monitor that looked for contractions.  I had a little clicker in my hand to click each time I felt Sprout move.  With the non-stress test they look for variability in the baby's heart rate.  They wanted to see at least 4 peaks which would indicate Sprout was moving around and doing stuff.  If the heart rate was completely stable, they'd be worried.  
Well- of course- as soon as they strapped on this monitor Sprout decided to kick at it.  I was able to feel Sprout move nearly 15 times in the 20 minutes that I had the monitor on (10 in an hour is considered normal).  Sprouts heart rate was variable and everything seemed fine.   Three- quarters of the way through I looked at Chase and told him to record Sprout's heart beat since we'd been listening to it for a good 15 minutes.  He was able to get a good 30 second recording.  I've listened to it a few times since  :)
        Because of all this- I didn't remember to ask if I was still measuring ahead but I'm assuming I probably was because I have a "growth" ultra sound scheduled for next Thursday.  We'll get to see Sprout again and know about how much Sprout weighs.  They don't typically adjust due dates based on these ultrasounds because babies grow at all different speeds.  That's about it for that appointment!  We got a lot covered that visit it seems!


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