Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11 weeks.

So I had my second doctor's appointment today. It was not super fun or exciting til the end.
           Initially, a nurse took a PMH (past medical history) from both my husband and I. Then the doctor took "cultures" aka a cervical swab for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Not fun.  The OB did make me chuckle when she said "this is nothing against you guys, I have to do this on everyone".   Then  I got the results of my routine blood tests I took a few weeks ago- all was normal no anemia, HIV, or syphilis.  I'm immune to rubella ( I already knew that) and I got my blood type (which I already knew).
        Then at the very end we got to hear Sprout's heartbeat- yay!  The OB found it for a quick second a few times but it went away.  She kept at it and finally found the right spot.  The heart rate was between 160-170 For some reason that makes my sister think we're having a boy.  Whatever.
        I also have to decide if I  want to have screening blood tests for genetic disorders- I'm leaning towards no because I don't think it would make a difference to me at this point in the pregnancy.  I wouldn't end it regardless of the results.

Right now apparently the baby is the size of a lime.   The baby is likely just under 1 ½ inches long by now and may weigh as much as .3 ounces. The skin is still transparent. The iris will begin to develop this week and finger nails appear.
    That's all for now

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