Wednesday, January 25, 2012

13 weeks

By the end of the week Sprout will be the size of a peach!

  I'm nearing then end of the first Trimester and there are definitely days where I have more energy than I have previously.  Sunday I even spent time outside doing yard work!  Chase took me out on a date and I actually stayed up past 9:00.  Watch out!

Here's what Sprout is doing this week:  The head is now about half the size of her crown-to-rump length (that’s one reason why your little peach looks more like an alien from outer space at this point). By the time you give birth, the body will catch up, measuring three-quarters of her total size.  Bones are beginning to form in her arms and legs, the intestines are beginning to move from the umbilical cord to the abdomen, and the vocal cords are well under construction . The baby can move its arms and legs in a jerky fashion,so it may be able to get the thumb into the mouth.

Sprout also got his (her?) first present yesterday!  A co-worker named Misty left me a the present on my desk as a surprise.
I'm sure Sprout will love it!

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