Thursday, January 5, 2012

Owl-y nursey

So even before I became pregnant I was searching for ideas to decorate the nursery.  I love to decorate and this just gave me a good excuse to change out a room.

         My husband has a thing for owls- we had one on our roof and he actually took the time to google owl "hoots" so he could identify what kind of owl we had.  He also took tons of pictures of the thing and was super sad when it flew away and stayed away.  I like owls- they're smart right?  And I think they're beautiful.
 But, if you google the "meaning" of owls you can definately find a negative view but there are good things too, knowledge- the "wise" owl- for one and I'm ok with that.  I finally decided on a little bit of a woodsy theme with owls.  We're not finding out the sex of "sprout" until delivery so I've got to keep the room gender neutral.
        I've google imaged the heck out of nurseries with owls, woods, birds, etc.  I've also visited Etsy to see what the creative people over there may do that I could some what replicate. 
        This weekend was my first project.  My "pillow owls".  I bought felt at Hobby Lobby and with some help from my sister made a pattern and got to sewing.  The face is all hand sewn.  The body is machine stitched then stuffed and closed with a railroad stitch so you can't see the seam.

I may include some step-by-steps but here are just a few pictures of what I made.  I think they turned out well!

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