Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Go figure...

Just when I had adjusted to the idea of Liam getting his surgery and I was getting excited about getting one thing ticked off our list to do before the next MRI, they call to reschedule.  They called at 5:30 tonight on my way home from work.  I guess I jinxed myself.  UGH.

Anway, they wanted to reschedule the surgery the day before Liam's birthday.  I said no.  He's supposed to be calm and quiet and we've got a party planned!  Blah.  So now I'm having to wait until they can figure out another date.  Hopefully it will be before July 11th but I'm sure it'll be put off for another month.  gah.  

I'm so freaking frustrated.  For reading this- here's your reward!  Christmas in June.  He actually picked out the hat and put it on so, I let him wear it.

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