Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Busy Weekend

Chase and I had a very productive weekend.  He cleaned the garage out and now we can actually park my car in the garage.  What a novel idea!
I spent the day painting shelves Chase actually made a few weeks ago.  Then I talked Chase into hanging them up at 9pm (when the final coat of paint was dry).
     ** I bought the cheaper paint from Lowe's, the Olympic brand and could definitely tell the difference between it and a Valspar paint.  I had to do 3-4 coats of paint.  My hands are sore from painting.**
Painting coat #3

Making sure the holes are perfectly level

Attaching the shelves (I helped by capturing the moment )

The final screw

Some of Sprout's Owl Decor.  There's more that will be added for sure.

So that was the weekend.  Yesterday was certainly interesting.
           I woke up about 3 Am with HORRIBLE pain in my right lower abdomen.  I told Chase it felt like someone had stuck a javelin in my side.  It improved a little after about an hour but was still there.  I couldn't bend over or even walk upright.   I called my OB's office and they didn't call back so I contacted Jodi the NP that works with me for advice.  We both were thinking appendix, but since it improved a little I figured I'd wait.  3 hours later still no news from the OB so I called Dr. Lonergan.  He told me things to watch for (fever, worsening pain etc,) but he felt like I should probably go to the ER.  I did not want to but I felt that was probably the only option.  I'd been using Chase as my Doctor- I showed him how to do an abdominal exam so I could monitor if I had any improvement.  Chase informed me that to him, playing doctor was something a bit more fun.
 As I was getting ready to go to the ER, the OB's office called.  They said to drink water and keep my feet up.  (I'd been doing that).  They weren't really all that concerned so I just continued to lay around. 
This AM the pain is better but still there.  Hopefully everything is fine.  It sure seems to be.  

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