Monday, February 13, 2012

Poor Doggy

Poor, poor, Kaiser.  Today he is a bit less of a "man".   I've been threatening to "fix" him for a while now because he "dances" inappropriately with my nieces and nephews and he seems to want to "hump" his way to the top of the doggy food chain (any and all dogs are in danger of being "loved" on by him!) but when he decided to pee on the couch, not once but twice- the decision was made final.  I made him an appointment for this AM at 7:30.
I just called the vet and Kaiser is doing fine.  The procedure went as expected.  Chase really wanted to talk me out of it last night- but we both decided (as hard as it was for Chase) that if neutering Kaiser calmed him just 1/10 it would be worth it since we're expecting a baby in the house.  
Kaiser was exceptionally good this morning.  It was almost as if he knew something wasn't right.  I feel a little bad and Chase feels horrible but, like I told Chase,  we can't re-attach 'em!  I think it was the right decision for the long run.

Kaiser- before the procedure.

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