Wednesday, February 1, 2012

14 weeks

Hello Second Trimester!  I'd love to say I've noticed an increase in energy but because of my allergies I'd be lying.  I'm still exhausted but that's cause I'm sick.

The first trimester was really a breeze.  Not once did I throw up and I had no food aversions.  Yes, I was tired, but once I got over feeling like an old lady- a 9:00 bedtime suited me just fine.

I haven't gained a single pound yet but, woe is me, none of my pants fit.  After sitting on the floor one morning sobbing because I had no clothes to wear, Chase nicely suggested I just go get a few new pairs of pants.  I found some clearance maternity pants at Kohl's and Target.  I feel weird wearing them because I just look "chubby" right now but I figure I will fit in them later.  They're comfy so don't judge!

I am not doing so well with my water intake but I vow to do better.  Still, 2.3 liters of water is A LOT of water!!!  I'm taking vitamins daily.  I'd love to go for a walk but I figure that exposing myself to even more allergens outside is a bit stupid until I get what I have going under control.  I'll leave the dog walking up to Chase for now.

"Sprout" is a lemon this week.   Chase is still hoping Sprout is a boy.  He thinks it's best if a boy comes first.  I really honestly don't care.  I figure I'll eventually have a preference but right now, I just want a baby with all the necessary parts and no extras!

Here's what he's (she's?) up to:

Fourteen weeks into your pregnancy, or 12 weeks after conception, your baby's arms have almost reached the final relative lengths they'll be at birth and your baby's neck has become more defined. Red blood cells are forming in your baby's spleen.
Your baby's sex will become apparent this week or in the coming weeks. For girls, ovarian follicles begin forming. For boys, the prostate appears. from the Mayo Clinic Website

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